Virtual Schedule for Monday's
Posted on 10/05/2020
Virtual Schedule for Monday'sTeachers will have open office hours each Monday. Teachers will be available via Zoom for students who have questions or need assistance. The links for the Zoom rooms will be posted in Canvas.

Individual Teacher Office Hours  by Area:
8:30-10:15 Special Education
8:45-10:30 HPE
9:00-10:45 Music
9:15-11:00 Related Arts/SIGNET
9:30-11:15 ESOL
9:45-11:30 World Languages
10:30-11:15 Social Studies
10:45-11:30 Science
11:00-11:45 Math
11:15-12:00 Language Arts

9:15-10:15 TEAM Meeting Times
10:15-12:00 School Counseling TEAM