Family Life Education Curriculum Overview

The Stonewall Middle School sixth and seventh grade science teachers will be teaching the Family Life Education (FLE) Curriculum this year starting the end of May.  The school will be holding an information meeting for parents/guardians to provide an overview of the curriculum and answer any questions. This is tentatively planned for March 12th during Sabre’s Night.  We will provide more details about the exact time and location by the end of the month.  Parents/Guardians should take time to review the FLE objectives which can be found on the link below before making opt out decisions (link for objectives and opt out form).  Parents/guardians who determine their child should not be included in FLE during the current school year should indicate the objectives on the opt out form and submit the form to Stonewall Middle School in the main office. Unless parents/guardians indicate otherwise, their child will be included in FLE. It is not necessary to return the form if parents/guardians wish for their child to participate in FLE instruction. Please use the link above to access the opt out form.