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Topics Already Covered
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Unit 1- Number Sense

7.1a- Investigating Powers of 10
7.1b- Writing/Comparing/Ordering Scientific Notation
7.1c- Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers
7.1d- Square roots and Perfect Squares (Up to 400)
7.1e- Absolute Value of Rational Numbers

7.2- Problems Solving using rational numbers. 

Unit 2- Algebraic Reasoning Part I
7.11- Evaluating Algebraic Expressions 

7.4- Surface area and Volume of rectangular prisms and cylinders

​​​Unit 3- Algebraic Reasoning Part II
7.12- Solving equations (up to two steps) and practical problems involving equations

7.13- Solving inequalities (up to two steps) and practical problems involving inequalities 

​Unit 4- Proportional Reasoning Part I
7.3- Unit proportional reasoning and proportions to solve problems. Includes conversions, tax/tip/discount. 

7.5- Determine if two triangles are similar and find the length of missing sides

Unit 5- Proportional Reasoning Part II
7.10a- Find the slope of a proportional relationship and write an equation in the form y=mx
7.10b- Graph a proportional relationship given the equation or the slope and a point on the line 
7.10c- Find the y-intercept of an additive relationship and write an equation in the form y=x+b
7.10d- Graph an additive relationship given the equation or the y-intercept and a point on the line. 
7.10e- make connections between representations of proportional and additive relationships using verbal descriptions, equations, graphs and table. 

Unit 6- Statistical Reasoning 
7.8- Determine experimental and theoretical probability of an event. 

7.9- Represent data in a histogram. Interpret data given in a histogram. Compare a histogram to data given in different forms. 

Topics Not Yet Covered

​Unit 7- Geometrical Reasoning 
7.7- Apply translations and reflections to triangles and rectangles in a coordinate plane.
7.6- Compare and contrast quadrilaterals based on their properties. Find missing side lengths and angle measures in quadrilaterals.