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Hello Team Pitt!! 

I miss you all and hope you're doing well.  I hope you are spending time with your family and I hope that you are still keeping your brain active.  It is very important that you are practicing your writing, reading, and exploring.  I will be updating my page here and my Google Classroom page this week with suggested practice and some videos to help us review.

If you are looking to create a daily schedule and keep a routine that could be similar to our school day, click on the link: PWCS Home Learning

I am available to answer emails and questions you may have daily from 10am - 1pm daily.  I will answer emails outside of this time, but it might require a little wait time.

If you need anything at all, please email me.  If you don't hear back from me within a day, try again or email me your phone number - sometimes when I email you all, it gets returned for some reason.

Don't stress.  Be nice to your families and friends.  Go outside and be physical. Be kind.  Stay smart.

I'll see you soon,
Mr. Agostini

Digital Learning

During this time away from school, we will continue to use Google Classroom.  Please check our class page for assignments, links to science activities, and more. To access Google Classroom visit:

Google Classroom Codes:

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Period 7: 

You can also take a look at the "Useful Links" tab and the "Files and Documents" tab on the upper left corner of this page.


6th Grade Content
  • Earth's Water
  • Matter
  • Energy Forms and Transformation
  • Weather and Climate
  • Earth, Sun, Moon Relationships (not covered)
  • Solar System (not covered)
  • Family Life Education (not covered)