Welcome to Math 7! 

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Topics We Will Cover This Year
Unit 1: Numerical Reasoning
SOL 7.1a- Powers of 10
SOL 7.1b- Scientific Notation
SOL 7.1c- Compare and order rational numbers
SOL 7.1d- Perfect squares and square roots
SOL 7.1e- Absolute value
SOL 7.2- Rational number operations

Unit 2: Algebraic Reasoning Part 1
SOL 7.11- Expressions
SOL 7.4- Volume and surface area of cylinders and rectangular prisms

Unit 3: Algebraic Reasoning Part 2
SOL 7.12- Two-step Equations
SOL 7.13- Two-step Inequalities

Unit 4: Proportional Reasoning Part 1
SOL 7.3- Using proportions
SOL 7.5- Similar Figures

Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning Part 2
SOL 7.10- Slope and Y-intercept: Additive and Proportional Relationships

Unit 6: Geometric Reasoning
SOL 7.6- Quadrilaterals
SOL 7.7- Transformations

Unit 7: Statistical Reasoning
SOL 7.8- Experimental and Theoretical Probability
SOL 7.9- Histograms